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A Fragile Foundation : The State of Developmental Assets among American Youth

Peter L. Benson, Ph.D., Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Eugene C. Roehlkepartain
1999, 8.5 x 11, 172 pages.
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: E352-W

Based on a sample of almost 100,000 youth in 213 communities, this report looks at youth today through the Developmental Assets lens. The report features data from communities that used the Search Institute Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors survey during the 1996/97 school year. It shows the realities, challenges, and possibilities for young people as they see it. With easy-to-read text and charts, the report is a necessary tool for practitioners and policymakers who want or need information about the attitudes and behaviors of young people
for reflection, planning, advocating, and action. The report also includes:
  • Detailed statistical information on the assets that you can use when planning or implementing initiatives or programs.

  • Research on young people's involvement in risky behaviors and the developmental deficits they face.

  • Analyses of the data by gender, grade, race and ethnicity, and community size.
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