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The Journey of Community Change: A How-to guide for Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Initiatives

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner, M.Ed.
2005, 8.5 x 11, 160 pages.
Price $18.95

: 0861-W

The journey to building a strong community initiative can be filled with twists and turns that can derail community leaders from making real headway. The Journey of Community Change is every community’s “tour guide” to help plan for a smoother trip. With practical advice, examples, techniques, and worksheets, the book does not tell readers where to go, how to get there, or what to do when they arrive. Instead, it offers an array of options so you can choose your own route and destination. Readers will learn from others who have been down the road before and gain their advice and tips for varying journeys. Chapters include “Charting your Course,” “People to See, Places to Go, Things to Do,” “Culture and Customs,” and “Documenting the Journey"—the book is presented in a travel guide motif with icons for easy use. Ideal for leaders setting up an initiative or any asset champion starting an asset-building effort. Now, hit the road!