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Great Places to Learn : Creating Asset-Building Schools That Help Students Succeed, Second Edition

Neal Starkman, Ph.D., Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Clay Roberts, M.S.
2006, 7 x 10, 216 pages.
Price $34.95

: 0721-W

Rooted in research on more than 2 million children about the effect of Developmental Assets on fostering academic achievement and a healthy school climate, this foundational book is a powerful, positive guide to infusing assets into any school community.

From building awareness to sustaining system-wide changes, Great Places to Learn offers a step-by-step outline to guide school administrators, principals, and teachers through the process of integrating assets into their school while firsthand accounts provide the creative inspiration to adapt the concept to any situation.

This second edition features:
  • Reproducible handouts, charts, action lists, and assessment tools for everyone—from principals to bus drivers
  • Search Institute’s latest data
  • Discussions on bullying, school violence, and the effect of the No Child Left Behind Act on school communities