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Friends in Deed Collection
Friends in Deed Collection

Price $49.95

: 0544-W

“Friends in Deed” are real friends, the kind we all want and need. Three new products help young people build healthy relationships and positive social skills. Kids love trendy rubbery wristbands—to wear, give, and trade. Ours say “Friends in Deed tell the truth,” “Friends in Deed don’t spread rumors,” “Friends in Deed are good listeners,” and “Friends in Deed show they care.” Bookmark features 20 tips for being a good friend, like “Be willing to work through disagreements” and “Ask for advice when things aren’t going right.” Poster lists 50 ways to be a friend, each a conversation starter for a classroom or group. Grades 6–9.
  • Wristbands: Pack of 20, 5 of each message/color
  • Bookmarks: Pack of 20, each 21⁄2” x 81⁄2”
  • Posters: Pack of 15, each 51⁄2” x 15”