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Coming into Their Own: How Developmental Assets Promote Positive Growth in Middle Childhood

Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Arturo Sesma, Jr., Brent Bolstrom
2003, 5.5 x 8.5, 296 pages.
Price $29.95

: 0431-W

Children in middle childhood are approaching the cusp of early adolescence and beginning the transition toward emerging selfhood and self-regulation—they are Coming into Their Own. This resource provides the latest research findings from studies on development of children grades 4–6 and fascinating learnings from around the world about what truly can help kids at this age grow up well and healthy. This book helps parents and other adults understand what is most effective and helpful to kids during the critical middle childhood stage and provides insights that can influence relationships among adults and young people, as well as help formal programs and policies to improve children's lives.

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