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Developmental Assets : A Synthesis of the Scientific Research on Adolescent Development

Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Nancy Leffert
2004, 6 x 9, 304 pages.
Price $29.95

: 0338-W

This foundational volume examines more than 800 scientific articles and reports on adolescent development that tie to each of the 40 Developmental Assets identified by Search Institute. An invaluable reference for people who seek to build assets for youth through their programs and communities, it not only shows the strong scientific foundation that undergirds the asset framework, but also shows what is known about how assets are built and their impact on different populations of youth. The book:
  • Shows how the scientific literature defines each category of assets.

  • Discusses the research findings on the impact of assets on young people's behaviors.

  • Highlights learnings about how the assets are built for different populations of youth.

  • Provides in-depth information on how each asset works.