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Moment's Peace for Parents of Teens: 365 Rejuvenating Reflections

Patricia Hoolihan
2007, 4 x 6, 384 pages.
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: 0319-W

Parents today are pulled in many directions, both at work and at home. Add in the ups and downs, tears and laughter, cold shoulders and sudden fierce hugs that are part of raising a teenager, and it’s enough to make you feel you’re on a nonstop roller coaster! A Moment’s Peace for Parents of Teens offers a brief, daily time-out to recharge your batteries and meet the challenges of parenting teens.

The calming reflections are a gentle reminder that parents aren’t alone on the ride and show the importance of slowing down to really pay attention to your teen, give them the guidance they need in today’s pressure-filled world, and recapture the joys and rewards of parenting. Written by a parent for parents, these asset-based reflections will guide your contemplation of issues both big (loss, teen sexuality, substance abuse) and small (family humor, musical tastes, teen condescension) and inspire thoughtful action with activity prompts and questions for further reflection.

Parents of pre-teens will also be happy to have this book on hand as their child travels into the teen years. Great for gift-giving, handing out in family-serving work, or just for yourself. Each reflection, only a page long, easily fits into hectic schedules. So sit back, relax, and finally enjoy A Moment’s Peace!