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All Kids Are Our Kids : What Communities Must Do to Raise Caring and Responsible Children and Adolescents, Second Edition

Peter L. Benson, Ph.D,
2006, 7 x 9.25, 415 pages.
Price $24.95

: 0300-W

Despite all of our efforts to provide adequate support and encouragement, many young people in today’s society still feel adrift. They may lack a close connection with caring adults, aren't able to find safe places to spend time, or can't find programs designed just for them. How do we change this?

In this second edition of his immensely popular book, All Kids Are Our Kids, Dr. Peter L. Benson presents a comprehensive vision of what children and adolescents need to grow up healthy. He explains how to unleash the extraordinary power of community to create positive experiences and healthy development for children and adolescents.

This book is a must-read for anyone who knows, sees, lives with, lives next to, works with, or passes by children and adolescents. Its core message—that change is possible, and the power for that change is in each of us—is sure to inspire and prompt action.

With this new edition you’ll get:
  • Updated Developmental Assets research
  • The Five Action Strategies for Transforming Community and Society
  • Five decades’ worth of learning from and with communities and asset champions
  • The latest information on asset building in the U.S. and around the globe