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Getting to Outcomes with Developmental Assets: Ten Steps to Measuring Success in Youth Programs and Communities

Deborah Fisher, Pamela Imm, Matthew Chinman, Abe Wandersman
2006, 8.5 x 11, 348 pages.
Paberback + CD-ROM
Price $74.95

: 0158-W

Getting To Outcomes with Developmental Assets weaves together strands of proven evaluation and accountability models that include critical elements of program planning, implementation, and outcome measurement. Braided together with the Developmental Assets framework, this book provides a full range of resources needed to improve the quality of community development work as well as report and measure performance.

Getting To Outcomes is based on 10 accountability questions that embrace a comprehensive approach to results-based accountability. Each step is illustrated with examples from Search Institute and its national Healthy Communities • Healthy Youth initiative, a network of nearly 600 community organizations.

Included with the manual is a CD-ROM with worksheets, forms, and tools for community development workers.

This article from the American Psychological Association highlights GTO author Abe Wandersman.