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¿Hablas español?

SEARCH INSTITUTE  se complace en ofrecer algunos de nuestros recursos más populares en español
Encontrando los últimos:
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Por ejemplo:
  • Atraves de tí: las familias se convierten en el  equipo de educación de MEDIAWISE. Este programa ayuda a los educadores y a las familias a aprender cómo nuestros medios de comunicación , cultura, forman beneficios y daños en la preparación y el éxito de la escuela de los niños.
  • Dame una guitarra: cincuenta maneras creativas para que los adultos se conecten y fortalezcan a los jóvenes.
  • Lo que los niños necesitan para tener éxito: Este libro incluye más de 900 ideas para la construcción de los 40 Elementos Fundamentales del Desarrollo.
  • Equipo de Construir los Elementos Fundamentales en idioma español: difundir el mensaje en español con estos recursos bilingües.
  • Tu cuéntales un cuento jugando. divertido, fácil, un juego familiar, que fomenta a los niños y sus familias a contarse cuentos unos a otros.
¡Nosotros tenemos lo que tú necesitas para enseñar el mensaje de los 40 elementos fundamentales del desarrollo en español!
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150 Ways to Show Kids You Care
150 Ways to Show Kids You Care Poster (pack of 15)
With more than six million copies in print, this newly-revised poster reminds adults to take the time to engage with children through small yet powerful efforts. The bilingual poster is perfect for teachers, youth workers, parents, congregations, and community programs.

Price $16.95
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Raising Kids with Care : 50 Ways to Help Your Whole Family Thrive Poster (pack of 15)
A list of comforting, practical tips and reminders intended to help parents/guardians build assets in their children and take care of themselves.

Price $16.95
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The Best of Building Assets Together: Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
Best of Building Assets Together : Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
This is an indispensable resource with more than 150 “best of the best,” thought-provoking, varied, and engaging activities to energize and inspire any group of young people, ages 12–18.
. Bilingual

Price $34.95
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Assets to Go! (English/Spanish)
Assets to Go! (English/Spanish, pack of 15)
Here’s a new, easy way to help spread the word on Developmental Assets! Fits easily in a wallet or pocket and doubles as a bilingual mini poster. A handful of information!

Price $14.95
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Pass It On! : Ready-to Use Handouts for Asset Builders Second Edition
Anyone can spread the asset message quickly, inexpensively, and effectively with this set of asset-building handout masters.

Price $29.95
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Instant Assets: 52 Short and Simple E-mails for Sharing the Asset Message
Would you like to send out a weekly asset message? Now it's easy—we've done the work for you with 52 ready-made e-mail messages in the Instant Assets CD.


Price $24.95
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40 Ways Anyone Can Build Assets
40 Ways Anyone Can Build Assets Poster (pack of 15)
Want to inspire people to build assets? Motivate them with this poster!

Price $16.95
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Give Me a Guitar: ...and 49 Other Ways to Empower Youth (English/Spanish)
Give Me a Guitar: . . . and 49 Other Ways to Empower Youth (English/Spanish, pack of 15)
BilingualIt's easy to talk about empowering youth, but how do you actually do it?

Price $16.95
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40 Developmental Assets Posters for Adolescents
BilingualThese posters are the perfect tools for introducing and promoting Developmental Assets in schools, child care programs, youth organizations, congregations, and other settings that nurture children and teenagers.

Price $12.95
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U Tell a Tale Storytelling Game (Spanish)
An easy, family-friendly game that encourages children and their families to tell stories to one another.

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $3.99
You save $10.96!
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