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Find books for parents, educators, youth workers, policy makers, and other leaders to create a world that actively values young people. Learn how to transform a school, a classroom, or a community into a place where assets support kids of all ages. All Search Institute materials are non-denominational, research-based, and results-oriented.

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Great Group Games : 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages
Price $16.95

This best seller offers 175 fun games and activities that will gently disband group-busting cliques, help newcomers feel welcome, and turn your participants into friends who can count on each other.
Great Group Games on the Go: 50 Favorite Team Builders
Price $12.95

Brilliantly packaged as a carry-anywhere card deck, Great Group Games on the Go is a must-have for every youth worker, camp counselor, teacher, or trainer. And with game names like “Zoom,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” and “Blob Tag,” who could resist?
Great Group Skits: 50 Character-Building Scenarios for Teens
Great Group Skits : 50 Character-Building Scenarios for Teens
Price $16.95

Created by experts who teach improvisational theater, Great Group Skits provides new and creative role-playing exercises for youth. Use this resource to create improvisational scenarios that get kids motivated, energized, and having fun!
Great Group Games for Kids : 150 Meaningful Activities for Any Setting
Great Group Games for Kids : 150 Meaningful Activities for Any Setting
Price $16.95

This engaging collection of 150 creative, asset-based activities is especially for elementary-age participants to teach them about concepts like teamwork, integrity, self-esteem, and creativity.
The Asset Approach: 40 Elements of Healthy Development, 2017 Update
Price $16.95

This eight-page booklet provides a perfect overview of the asset-building approach. Its interactive nature makes it a great tool for learning about asset building and teaching others the asset framework.
Groups, Troops, Clubs, & Classrooms: The Essential Handbook for Working with Youth
Price $15.95

This book features dozens of strategies for activating and sustaining young people’s innate strengths and skills so they can become positive forces for self-realization and community betterment.
The Best of Building Assets Together: Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
Best of Building Assets Together : Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
Price $34.95

This is an indispensable resource with more than 150 “best of the best,” thought-provoking, varied, and engaging activities to energize and inspire any group of young people, ages 12–18.
. Bilingual
Conversations on the Go: Clever Questions to Keep Teens and Grown-Ups Talking
Price $9.95

Encourage great youth-adult conversations with Conversations on the Go. Filled with intriguing questions, guaranteed to stretch the imaginations and bring out each others' personality and true self.
Mentoring for Meaningful Results : Asset-Building Tips, Tools, and Activities for Youth and Adults
Price $29.95

A complete mentoring start-up kit that provides mentors, mentees, and parents or caregivers everything
they need to establish and maintain a successful mentoring relationship.
Pass It On! : Ready-to Use Handouts for Asset Builders Second Edition
Price $29.95

Anyone can spread the asset message quickly, inexpensively, and effectively with this set of asset-building handout masters.