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Search Institute is a national, independent, nonprofit organization that provides leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, families, and communities. Founded in 1958, Search Institute is a leading innovator in discovering what children and adolescents need to become caring, responsible adults.

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The Search Institute Store provides tools, resources, and services to equip parents, educators, youth workers, policy makers, and other leaders to create a world where all young people are valued and thrive. We believe that by
improving the lives of individual children and young people, we can improve the national well-being.

Search Institute Press provides practical, positive resources to help create a world where young people can succeed. The materials focus on the 40 Developmental Assets, which are a framework of qualities, experiences, and relationships youth need to succeed.

Search leaders and researchers have published more than 150 scientific publications in academic books and peer-reviewed journals that address school, family, and community issues. Numerous colleges and universities have
integrated Search Institute's research and resources into their curriculum in education, human development, social work, and related fields.

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