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Launching Your Teen into Adulthood : Parenting through the Transition
Launching Your Teen into Adulthood: Parenting through the Transition

Patricia Hoolihan
2009, 5.5 x 8.5, 200 pages.
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: 0737-W

Use this confident, thoughtful guide to navigate the issues and developmental transitions facing older teens as they prepare to leave home. You'll find a roadmap for mentoring and advising young people to make good choices—all from a positive, asset-based perspective. Topics include:
  • Helping teens find a good fit for school and work
  • Dealing with money
  • Living independently
  • Setting goals
  • Caring for personal needs
  • Dealing with emotional challenges
  • Handling changing relationships
  • Developing a future-focused orientation Each chapter also includes checklists, interviews, and resource sheets for parents and teens to help prepare for and succeed with this important life transition.
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Sample checklist
When your teen leaves home
  1. Talk about healthy ways to communicate when your teen leaves home. Ask what works best and seems most comfortable for him: Cell phone? E-mail? Instant messaging? Snail mail? Or a combination?
  2. Remember, at times your teen will just need to hear your voice (and you may just need to hear her voice, too). The actual topic of discussion is often less important.
  3. Identify the interests you share with your teen. Use them as a way to form a deeper connection when you are together.Together, you could run a race, work in the yard, hit golf balls on the driving range, work on a car engine, or attend a play or concert.
  4. Make your plans in advance so that you can both anticipate and look forward to your shared time.
  5. Plan a special meal or outing to celebrate milestones (completing a first semester, landing a new job, juggling school and work successfully).
  6. If you can, plan a trip with your child, even just for the weekend. Ask him to share in making the plans.
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