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The Asset Approach: 40 Elements of Healthy Development, 2017 Update
Price $16.95

This eight-page booklet provides a perfect overview of the asset-building approach. Its interactive nature makes it a great tool for learning about asset building and teaching others the asset framework.
The Best of Building Assets Together: Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
Best of Building Assets Together : Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed
Price $34.95

This is an indispensable resource with more than 150 “best of the best,” thought-provoking, varied, and engaging activities to energize and inspire any group of young people, ages 12–18.
. Bilingual
Pass It On! : Ready-to Use Handouts for Asset Builders Second Edition
Price $29.95

Anyone can spread the asset message quickly, inexpensively, and effectively with this set of asset-building handout masters.
Instant Assets: 52 Short and Simple E-mails for Sharing the Asset Message
Price $24.95

Would you like to send out a weekly asset message? Now it's easy—we've done the work for you with 52 ready-made e-mail messages in the Instant Assets CD.

Strong Staff, Strong Students
Strong Staff, Strong Students: Professional Development in Schools and Youth Programs
Price $29.95

A thoughtful, timely resource for school staff who want to incorporate the Developmental Assets into their work.
Engage Every Parent! : Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference
Engage Every Parent! : Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference
Price $29.95

From first contacts with parents to long-term, rewarding working relationships, you’ll find answers to your questions about engaging parents in your program.

Get Things Going: 85 Asset-building Activities for Workshops, Presentations, and Meetings
Price $19.95

Revised and expanded, this collection offers 85 engaging activities for leading workshops, trainings, and meetings.
Building Assets is Elementary: Group Activities for Helping Kids Ages 8-12 Succeed
Building Assets Is Elementary: Group Activities for Helping Kids Ages 8-12 Succeed
Price $26.95

Fourth through sixth grade students will light up at this creative collection. The sixty-one activities blend guidance, wisdom, and the practical skills of building assets in their changing lives with engaging fun.
Take It Personally 2017 Update
Price $11.95

Maintaining all the best content from the publication Taking Asset Building Personally, this fully updated action and reflection workbook contains everything individuals need to make a stronger commitment to children and teenagers. On your own or in discussion groups, use this guide to help you find:
  • Basic information on Developmental Assets;
  • Tried-and-true tools for reflecting on your opportunities to connect with kids;
  • Fifteen new exercises to help you take action;
  • Even more ideas for building assets with children and youth of all ages.
Ideal for staff meetings, parent groups, volunteer trainings, and community events, this concise journal helps people from all walks of life learn about the power they have to make a difference for young people.

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A Fragile Foundation : The State of Developmental Assets among American Youth (2nd Edition) PDF
Price $19.95

Based on a sample of almost 89,000 youth in 26 states, A Fragile Foundation, Second Edition, features data from communities that used the Search Institute Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors survey during 2010.