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Healthy Teen Relationships, Using Values and Choices to Teach Sex Education

Martha R. Roper
102 pages.
Price: $19.95

: 0356-W

Designed to supplement existing health curriculum, Healthy Teen Relationships provides a comprehensive, up-to-date approach that goes beyond biology to explore the emotions and personal values that affect teens’ sexual choices.

Inside you’ll find topics such as
  • ways to encourage healthy talk about sensitive subjects
  • group activities designed to get teens thinking about their choices
  • the latest information on safer sex, STDs, contraception, and abstinence
  • how to work with parents and schools so everyone’s values are respected, and teens still get the information they need
Taking on topics ranging from personal responsibility and values to media influences and teen pregnancy, this book, with its “abstinence-plus” approach, is designed to integrate easily into any curriculum and gives teachers and students an avenue for thoughtful discussion.