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Make a Difference for Kids with These Positive Resources

Raising Kids with Care : 50 Ways to Help Your Whole Family Thrive poster (pack of 20) Parent Engagement Tool Kit Speaking of Parenting : Introducing Developmental Assets to People Raising Kids—Scripts, Handouts, and Activities
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A list of comforting, practical tips and reminders intended to help parents/guardians build assets in their children and take care of themselves.
This comprehensive collection gives you inspiring ideas and practical strategies for acquiring (and sustaining) parent involvement at all levels—from chaperoning and classroom volunteering to homework advising and school leadership. Bring the asset message to parents with this complete kit!
Engage Every Parent! : Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference When Parents Ask for Help: Everyday Issues through an Asset-Building Lens Parent Educator Kit for Working with Families
Price $29.95
Price $29.95
Full Price $416.85
Price $349.95
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Engage Every Parent! : Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference Parent Educator Kit for Working with Families
From first contacts with parents to long-term, rewarding working relationships, you’ll find answers to your questions about engaging parents in your program.

Curfews, homework, chores, dating, body image, conflicts, risky activities, fights, jobs, depression—parents can tackle these everyday issues and much more in this upbeat and positive resource.
Get our key asset resources for work with parents and families in one specially-priced library! To inspire, engage, and motivate parents, use this library to bring new resources to your tried-and-true ideas.